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Derek Harwood's Walking Records
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Sunday 7th April 2013
.................................Walk No. 1000
7th April 2013 - Map of Derek's 1,000th Walk - Ryton Roundabout - Warwickshire

Other Walks No 96                              Total 1740 miles
Walk Led by Barry with Larry as Backstop

Time Taken:  2.25 hrs     Distance:      Enjoyment:         Weather:              Chilly
 11:00 am - 1:15 pm          5 miles              100%                                Bright & Sunny

Temp:    Cloud:     Rain:   Visibility:  Ground Conditions:     Wild Life:    Birds
 6oC          10%        None      Good           Muddy in Places              Horses & Lambs

Total AA:      Total MH:    Total LD:      Total AW:      Other:       Total Distance:
 1111.5 mls     976 mls       2943 mls       167.5 mls      1740 mls         6938 miles

Companions:   (Derek)  Phil, Tracey, Thomas, Ann, Colin, Norma, Roger, Rosy,
Rosy's Husband, Louise, Mark & Daughter & Dog, Hilary, Doug & Wife,
Doug's Friend & Wife, Hillwalker, Kay, Larry, Lynn, Dennis, Barry, etc. Points of Interest and LINKS: Bubbenhall Village The Three Horseshoes Inn Bubbenhall Wood Bubbenhall Quarries Wappenbury Wood Wappenbury Hall Wappenbury Village Nunwood Lane Ryton Pools
My friends, relations and well wishers congregated in the Old School Lay-by, Bubbenhall, to help me complete a memorable 1000th recorded walk and raise some charity funds for Myton Hospices. It was a lovely day compared with the bad winter and the recent snow and cold wind, so all was set for a good walk. I wore my bright red Myton Hospices Tee Shirt & Cap, as did my Grandson Thomas, to provide a meaningful but jovial occasion. We started on time at 11am and walked south west from the lay-by on the footpath of the A445 main road a short distance to a lane on the left, towards Glebe Farm. We passed between the Ryton Quarries and took the right fork at Bubbenhall Wood to skirt the wood. Not good to see a scar on the landscape, but let's hope the owners of the quarries will restore the land to it's former glory when the extractions have finished. The pace was good until we reached a huge puddle on the narrow footpath by the wood. There was no choice but to enter the wood to by-pass the obstacle, which we did with care, because there wasn't a defined route. When we reached the open field by Bubbenhall House, we turned right across the fields towards Wappenbury Wood. We crossed a couple of ditches with well maintained sturdy bridges to enter recently ploughed fields. One ploughed field, which we skirted, had been ploughed very rough, but the field up to the corner of Wappenbury Wood had probably been seeded, so we carefully followed the route left by previous walkers straight across the field. There is a sign by the footpath on the south western end of Wappenbury Wood, just within the Wood, asking walkers not to enter the wood on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but permission is granted on other days. Good views across the River Leam Valley. From the wood we continued on the walkers route straight across the well ploughed huge field down to the the Wappenbury Village road junction on the B4453. Here we all congregated for refreshments and to re-group. Well done to the leaders as I was mostly at he back chatting. Onwards towards the village where we turned right after a couple of hundred metres on a public footpath to the right by Wappenbury Hall. Across the fields with the newly born lambs to a crossroad of footpaths were we turned left towards Hill Farm. Up the gentle slope to the farm and the the B4453, where we all crossed very carefully to more pastures before Wappenbury Wood again. This time the south east corner. Good wooded path to Nunwood Lane where we passed secluded houses and fields of grazing horses. As we approached Shrub's Lane, two lady riders on horses gingerly passed us. They were also enjoying the good weather on the Sunday morning. Soon reached the main A445 road, just north west of the lay-by where the cars were parked. Left turn to the lay-by and the end of the walk. Photos of the group before I thanked everyone for their support and we dispersed. Some of us visited the local public house in Bubbenhall, Three Horse Shoes Public House, for the odd drink. Afterwards we continued to The Unicorn in Warwick for a welcome meal. Well a magic day for me, I hope for everyone else also. The weather was good, the walking was good and the company was excellent. So much so, this is the first walk I have rated 100% enjoyment. What a wonderfully day, thank you. Here's looking forward to my next 1000 walks. Take care Derek.

Location:, - Start & Finish: from Bubbenhall Lay-by 4436355/272232, - via: Wappenbury Break 437732/269788, - via: Nunwood Lane 437939/271476 (Click on location and use Zoom and BACK Buttons).

Take extra care when walking along the grass verge of A445 main road and crossing the B4453 minor road. It is a natural instinct to think that the group is safe when a large number of walkers are together, but always be alert for danger and keep the detailed conversations for the wide open fields. Always watch for horses out for a casual exercise with their riders. This is horse lover country.

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