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Derek Harwood's Walking Records

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Saturday 6th January 2007
.................................Walk No. 689

Unclassified Walk No 41                       Total 1047.5 miles

Time Taken:  3 hrs      Distance:      Enjoyment:        Weather:         Mild
 8:35 am - 11:30 pm        4.5 miles            80%                             Clear & Bright

Temp:  Cloud:     Rain:   Visibility:  Ground Conditions:   Wild Life:     Horses
 11oC      100%       100%        Misty         Very Muddy                       Birds 

Total AA:      Total MH:    Total LD:       Total AW:     Other:     Total Distance:
 1027.5 mls    931.5 mls   1823.5 mls       162 mls      1047.5 mls       4992 miles

Companions: (Derek) Eddie Dealtry

Points of Interest and LINKS:

Bredon Hill Overbury Village Overbury Park Estate Wychavon Way Kemperton Camp Hillfort Vale of Evesham Banbury Stone (or Bambury Stone)
Parked in Overbury Village by the gates of Overbury Park Estate and started walking in the rain up the Estate road past the pond, weirs and waterfalls to The Lodge. Continued past 'The Lodge' and 'Park Farm' to the cross tracks of 'The Belt' and the 'Double Hedges Road' below Lalu Farm. Continued from the woods over the open fields on the Double Hedges Road to Lalu Farm. Turned left at the farm along a good track (permissive path) to Kemperton Camp Fort, following the grasshopper symbol of the Overbury Park Estate on the posts and the gates. Just before the fort entrance we passed an old animal drinking trough, very prominent in the open fields around the fort. We entered the fort grounds passing the huge defence ditches before reaching the tower and the Banbury Stone. Good views across the Vale of Evesham and Severn Valley to the Malvern Hills despite the weather. We crossed the valley of stone messages to the summit topograph stone for photographs. We returned to the valley and constructed our own message stating that Eddie had now completed to date 1325 mountain and hill summits. From the fort we crossed the adjacent field to the path on the edge of the steep drop to the north of the hill. We had to check our bearings with the compass because the rain and mist made visibility very poor. Once we had found the path we continued east to the 'Long Plantation', passing a rider with a couple of horses. The well used path along the top of the Long Plantation was very muddy in places, obviously used by horse riders as well as walkers. When we reached the dog leg of the Wychavon Way we turned right along the edge of the fields, passing a couple of horse riders, to a good track which look us back to the intersection of The Belt and Double Hedges Road at the head of the Overbury Park Estate. Here we returned down the road to the Estate entrance and the car parked on the village road. At this point the rain was so heavy it created mini waves cascading down the tarmac road. A good enjoyable walk over Bredon Hill with Eddie despite the bad weather conditions and a soggy mapcase. We must return one day in better weather to enjoy the views in all directions.

Location:, - Start & Finish: From Overbury 396000/237770 , - via: Kemperton Camp Fort 395720/240250, - via Wychavon Way 397355/239485. (Click on location and use Zoom).

Hazards: Take care on the hills in wet weather. Always carry a map and compass to check your location in misty or cloudy conditions.

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