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Derek Harwood Bell Ringing Quarters/Peals.

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Bell Ringing - Peal

Saturday 28th December 2002
28th December 2002 - Lillington Tower Peal Band - after 2 hours & 57 mins

St. Mary Magdalene Church - Lillington, Warwickshire, England

PEAL - Plain Bob Triples .... Start 9:31 am ........ Finish 12:28 pm
Celebrating :    Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee
                           750 Years from first Vicar at Lillington
Treble.... Roger Howes
2 .......... Barbara Howes
3 .......... John Nutt
4 .......... John Newborn
5 .......... Elaine Jenkinson
6 .......... Douglas Bates
7 .......... Ian Maycock (Conductor)
Tenor.... Derek Harwood

Ringing generally mediocre, with good spells and a few poor periods.
From the start Ian immediately corrected John Nutt, John had starting ringing Bob Minor instead of Bob Triples.
After approximately ten minutes ringing Derek missed the sally, but corrected the error without unsettling the remainder of the band.
Approximately a quarter of an hour into the Peal the ringing deteriorated drastically when Ian reversed a Bob he had called a few seconds earlier, but Ian's class shone through with the ringing rhythm immediately restoring again.
After approximately one hour Roger somehow caught the rope around the clock mechanism. This trick has not been seen before or since. Miraculously Roger retrieved the situation to the bands amazement.
For the remaining two hours the ringing was steady and without any incidents apart from a few minor hiccups on occasions. The rounds and 'That's All' brought the usual jubilation and relief to the band.

First Peal:             Treble .. Roger Howes
                               2 ........... Barbara Howes
                               4 ........... John Newborn
                               Tenor ... Derek Harwood

Multiple Peals:    3 ........... John Nutt (Approx 10th)
                               5 ........... Elaine Jenkinson (3rd)
                               6 ........... Douglas Bates (Approx 12th)
                               7 ........... Ian Maycock (Plenty)

Weather :  Mild and very wet, little wind.
Ropes   :  Damp and slightly stiff.
28th December 2002 - Lillington Tower Peal Band - Plain Bob Triples
28th December 2002 - Peal Complete - Elaine Celebrating
29th April 2000 - Lillington Tower Outing to Hertfordshire
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